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 Forum and Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Forum and Guild Rules   Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:53 am

Forum rules:
1. Follow the rules you accepted when registering, no harm, no spam, porn, mp3 bla bla..
2. Use the Chat instead of post to chat with others if this is posible and not intresting to other users.
3. Register with your Ingame name only, and with that i mean the Character thats in the guild, if your not in guild please use your characters name at venture co.
4. Only one user per person.
5. Minimum age 12.
6. Read the announcments and sticky's before useing the forum.
7. Check you Messages now and then.
8. Sign Here

Froum Groups and Ranks

Guild Rules:
1. Follow Blazzard:WoWterms of use .
2. No ninja looting.
3. Offline 14 days or more whitout a reson is kick.
4. Use Ventrilo, Forum and Guild Bank if posible.
5. Contact us before you leave guild.
6. If there is anything you wonder about or want to change with the guild contact us first.
7. Lvl 60+ Unless friends, alts or already member.
8. Minimum age 12.
9. Behave whitin all chats, raids, rp, instances and so on.
10. Don't earn gold from guild members.
11. Register at the temporary forum.
12. In raid, use Mods as told, use the microphone program and do the needed prework.
13. 70's must have mount.
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Forum and Guild Rules
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